I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp

I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp

This year we launched an article series called I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp to spotlight our diverse, global team members and highlight critical connections between employee identity and life at 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp. The stories featured sixteen different employees from across our global sites. They introduced themselves, shared more about their role at the company and spoke about their connection to our core values. 

Through each unique story, we were reminded of our core value of humility and our commitment to value diversity of thought, experience and culture. Together, this commitment and these people help make 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp, 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp. Check out the links below to view previous stories from this series.


Spotlights from this Series:

Alivia Pinnix
Mitchell Bruce

Liu Luo

Eli Hale

Christine Stroh

Kyle Bodine

Ya Wang
Kym Jones
Panos Gromitsaris

Maria Luisa Arias

Lidong Wan

Kyle Sweet

Karen Ramirez Pearson
Manuela Beatriz Barreto

Aamir Bukhari

Magic Zhang



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