I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp - Magic Zhang

I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp - Magic Zhang

Meet Magic Zhang. Magic is an IT Engineer who works in Shanghai, China. He is passionate about his work, patient and humble. In this video, Magic tells us how he lives the 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp core values to find efficient and effective solutions for his stakeholders. "I am growing, learning and living the values," Magic said. Magic is 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp. 

More about #I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp: This article is part of a larger social media campaign called, #I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp. #I am 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp seeks to spotlight our diverse, global team members and highlight the critical connections between employee identity and life at 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp. Throughout these short video segments, you will learn more about the importance of diversity and inclusion here at 金虎国际金虎国际棋牌appapp and uncover the critical role that employees play in our company strategy and overall success. To follow along please visit our LinkedIn page or www.whshuangjia.com.



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